"By Design" Home Selling System

            "By Design" Home Selling System   

It Is Taking The Guesswork Out Of Selling

Specially designed to allow you and your family to stay involved in what you do best....raising your family.  Now you don't need to guess what you should or shouldn't be doing.  You can go ahead and go to those baseball games, stay involved in school projects with your kids or go to work in order to provide for your family.  From start to finish, this well laid out and strategically thought out plan was designed to give you the time proven results other Sellers have experienced again and again in Seller's markets, Buyer's markets and even changing markets.  It is taking all the guess work out of trying to list, show, market and negotiate tough offers.

It Provides A 30 Day Maximum Exposure Marketing Plan

Statistics have proven that the first 30 Days on the market will generate the most amount of interest on your home.  This 30 day plan was designed to help your home have the maximum amount of exposure in the market place to make sure that enough Qualified Buyers and Local Realtors are able to see all of your home's finest features.  It has been said...."Shoot A Thousand Arrows Into The Sky and One Should Land Near Your Target!"  If we market that way the chances of getting your Buyer's attention may be slim.  This marketing plan targets 4 known areas where Buyer's are known to be looking for a home. Years of experience in the field of interpreting and communication has been influential in putting together marketing pieces that move Qualified Buyers away from other homes to yours.

It Provides A Home Enhancement Plan

Most Home Owners have not been involved in buying or selling a home for a long time.  Because of this fact, most do not know what projects could be done to their home in order to maximize their profits in the current market place.  Many of these owners have not kept up with the latest in sales techniques nor have most been able to figure out what today's Buyers are interested in and how that will affect the ability to obtain an offer on their home.  This plan helps sellers focus their efforts in getting a home ready for the market on those things that will bring the greatest return on investment of their time and finances.

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