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the Lofts in East Yakima

A Snap Shot Of East Yakima’s Finest Features

The Portion of Yakima known as East Yakima is home to the Sundome and the Fairgrounds where many community activities take place for the entertainment of Yakima’s families.  Terrace Heights is also included in East Yakima even though it is separated from the center of Yakima by the I-82 freeway. We have separated it on this website only for the sake of convenient viewing of homes for sale.

This part of Yakima with a mixture of smaller and larger two story homes is very affordable.

Although much of the retail portion of the city was transferred over to Union Gap, there is a revitalization program that is steadily changing the face of downtown Yakima giving it the flavor of larger Metropolitan areas.  Some of the older buildings have been renovated into condos and apartments for those who like the active downtown atmosphere. THE LOFTS Condos, now in the old Bon Marche is one example of upscale architecture being developed in an older part of town.  The effort of revitalizing the downtown area is gaining ground each year as the old is being replaced with new.


Children in this area attend Yakima schools.

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