Hottest Properties in Yakima

Hottest Properties In Yakima

The best isn’t always NEW CONSTRUCTION. The Best is not always a certain size or shape. The Best Of The Best may be hidden behind an exterior that you drive by without giving a second glance to it. That home you just drove by...may have some of the HOTTEST remodeling you have ever seen in Yakima! On the outside, it may not match what you THINK you wanted, but….on the inside it IS THAT DREAM HOME you have been trying to find... for ages! This program gives YOU the ability to BY PASS the ordinary and focus in on those that are the cream of the crop...the best of the best; those homes whose owners have had the skills to produce the most outstanding upscale living for their families.

What Is This Innovative Program about?

It is an opportunity for you, the buyer, to enlist the critical eye of a Realtor to help you find “The Best Of The Best” without having to drive around wasting gas and time on listings that are not what you would prefer to own or those which already have offers. I have been trained to use my knowledge of buying and selling homes and of Real Estate Investing along with my skills as an interpreter for many years to listen to what people can and cannot express about what they really want in a home. This program is for those who want a house they can be proud to say...this is MY HOME!

Curb Appeal

Different strokes for different strokes describes why some Buyers drive past a home and decide to drive on to the next one while yet other Buyers find that same home very interesting. The number one thing “The Hottest Properties” homes will have is curb appeal. What is curb appeal? It is the single most important selling factor that attracts and influences buyers to look further into the features of a certain home. It has been a proven fact that 85% of homes sell in the buyer’s mind before they ever get out of the car. This happens because of curb appeal. Because this is a known fact, I also want to make sure that the home you buy has this factor so that it will sell quickly should you decide to sell it after owning it for a time.

Good Condition

Homes on the Hottest Properties list will be well maintained homes that show a “Pride of Ownership. Whether you are shopping for a used car or a used home, anything in good condition holds up its value better than anything old, worn out and un-kept .


Homes on “The Hottest Properties in Yakima” list may have updated carpet, counters, floors, windows, heating and cooling systems and colors through out the home that are in keeping with today’s style and colors.


My Hottest Property list will be comprised of those homes that have been extensively remodeled or fully remodeled. They are the ones that will make you say “WOW” the minute you enter their doors. They may be older homes. They may be newer homes. They may have been partially remodeled and updated or have a full remodel including changes in walls, kitchens, bathrooms and recreation rooms.

When you want the very is a program to help you find it!

“There are two ways to get your next dream home”:
Find It……..Or Make it.
Experience your Dream and Avoid the remodeling NIGHTMARES
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Hottest Properties In Yakima