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Find Out Which Projects Pay Off The Highest

You know you have been delaying doing some of those projects because you just didn't have time.  You have lived with these things in your home for such a long time they have become a part of the "NORM" rather than standing out as a sore thumb like they used to...however, Buyers entering your home for the first time notice these things about to break or about to be worn out and the price on the list of things to do if they should decide to purchase your home and home in are three times as expensive as it would cost you to go ahead and repair them.  Sometimes...Sellers who have spent money on expensive projects, do it to their own peril because what they did not realize is that they now are over priced for the area and updated or not, buyers will not compensate them for the overpriced projects done to the home.  The owner must then chaulk it up to enjoying himself during home ownership.  In Yakima, remodeling jobs may only bring you 50% back on return on investment.

Plan wisely so you can get paid back for your hard work!


Find Out The Difference Between

Adding Value and Maintenance

Home Owners often confuse the difference between "Adding Value" to their home and just "Maintenance."

Rarely will Buyers compensate you for maintenance that you should be doing on your home.  They will compensate you for doing those things that increase Value.

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