"Just For Expired Owners"

"Every Home Deserves A Second Chance To Sell.....

                                                                          ..........Doesn't Yours?"

Dear Expired Home Owner,

I can only imagine the dissappointment you must be feeling that your home did not get chosen among all the other homes on the market to sell.  I am sure you have wondered if it is even possible to sell in a market like we are experiencing.  If you are like most, you may be feeling anger, frustration, bitterness toward stupid Realtors, despair or discouragement because you may have missed one of those once in a life time opportunities like we are experiencing today.

Here is a truth to ponder:  Just Because Your Last Realtor Could Not Sell Your Home

Doesn't Mean The Next One Can't.

Here's Another Truth To Ponder:  The Definition Of Insanity Is Doing The Same Things Again The Same Way

Expecting Different Results

Most home owners in the beginning of attempting to sell a home have thoughts of how they will spend that extra money or how they will take advantage of the goverment's generosity in giving that $8,000 Tax Credit and now the Extended Tax Credit to other home owners.  You may have laid in bed at night dreaming about that first night in your new home with the smell of new carpet, fresh paint and that sense of a new adventure about to take place.  Most....however, never dreamed of what they would do if their home didn't sell.  Most never think about what they would do next so when it happens it throws us into a complete tail spin.

This is the reason I have developed a Special Plan called "Every Home Deserves A Second Chance To Sell."  It's a program just for Expired Listing Home Owners so that you can get back out there and be successful.  You don't need to sit back any longer wondering why every one else gets the breaks.  This one is for you!

I have discovered there are only 7 reasons homes don't sell...in any market place.  Once we figure out which ones pertain to your home, correct those reasons and put the home back on the market we get offers. What we have found is it is just that simple!  I wanted you especially to know that your home right now has the best potential for selling.

Did you know that people are still buying homes....just like yours? So why wait any longer.  Isn't it time to give your home a second chance?

Let's Get Together:

Give me just 48 minutes of your time to give you the answer you have been looking for.  You had your home on the market and spent valuable time letting people come and view your home.  Isn't it worth 48 more minutes to find out just how easy it could be to sell the second time? Click on "Contact" above and let me know a time convenient for you.

Don't let discouragement stop you from taking advantage of one of the greatest opportunities in History!


Here's to Your Success!


Lesleigh Jacobs