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Aho Development in Moxee

A Snap Shot Of Moxee's Finest Features

Moxee is a small community with its own post office, city hall and fire station and was established by the French because of its rich soils that were similar to those found in France.  The French influence is still visible today on its street signs with names such as Mieras and Faucher.  The hop fields that surround Moxee are a memorial of the influence the French had and still have in Moxee.  Today, the harvesting of hops each year during August has a significant impact on local residents as they come together and celebrate during the Hop Festival in Moxee’s city park.  It is a custom that everyone in the area enjoys participating in.

Low rolling hills grace the southern boundary of Moxee while the Konnowac pass makes it easier than ever to cut across the hills to the lower valley without having to drive all the way back to I-82.

Although much of the growth of Yakima has expanded west of Yakima into the West Valley area, the community of Moxee has made the national news as being one of the fastest growing towns in the USA. This is due to the growing AHO Development that provides Moxee residents with affordable new housing.  This development still draws young families to the east side of Yakima to live.


East Valley schools are the schools that educate Moxee’s children and
they are all located in Moxee. Newer schools have been built to meet the ever growing demand for more classrooms in areas like Moxee and Terrace Heights.

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