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Not On The Market yet….But Soon Will Be

First Come….First Serve

Have you ever wondered how homes can come on to the market and have an accepted offer before most ever know they are for sale?  Aren’t you tired of calling on yard signs or magazine ads only to find out the home has been sold.

The Secret…Insider Information

In  trading cannot have insider information.  It is illegal.  The penalty can be rather a stiff one!  In Real Estate?  YOU NEED TO HAVE INSIDER INFORMATION!
I am giving you a well kept secret that is not shared among the general public.  We all have insider information that no one knows about except the Seller and their Realtor.  It is information that is shared behind the closed doors of sales meetings...and guess who gets that information first?...  It is those clients we are working with!  While many are driving around trying to look for homes the hard way, we are already contacting our current clients and past clients to inform them about the new property getting ready for the market place.  This allows our clients to get in on some of the BEST DEALS and … be FIRST to make an offer.

Hear About It Before Anyone Knows…

We don’t know what other Real Estate Offices are working on, however, being the Leading Real Estate Office in Yakima and having over 40 Realtors who are working on potential new listings  every day allows us to  hear about a lot of great properties getting ready for the market place right in our  own Prudential Office ...sometimes a month ahead of its exposure to the general public and other Realtors!

Buy It Before Realtors Can Alert Their Clients!

Here is your opportunity to get the Insider Secrets of some of the best homes getting ready to come on to the market place.  Let others waste time calling on out dated ads and shop worn signs.  Sign up on the form to the right side and I  will get you started.




Not On The Market Yet