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West Valley

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Apple Tree Golf Course in West Valley

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One of Yakima’s newest neighbors and fastest growing areas is West Valley.  A large part of the expansion in Yakima is moving westward into this area and larger developments are springing up rapidly with brand new homes replacing older orchards. Those who come from areas outside of the Yakima Valley go through something similar to culture shock as they see older homesteads sitting next to their new home of choice.  An understanding of how Yakima was developed will allow you to accept this as a way of life here in the upper Yakima Valley.

Since Yakima is a fruit bearing area filled with orchards of various kinds, older orchards are sold and replaced with new developments. The original homestead may be remodeled and sold along with the newer homes.  This is the way Yakima has been developed and there is no way of getting around this situation.  Just keep in mind that when you find your new home, there may be an older homestead standing nearby.


Children in this area attend West Valley Schools.

Golf Course

One of Yakima’s newest Golf Courses, 18 hole Golf Course “The Apple Tree” has given out of town golfers a quiet and peaceful setting to settle into as a second home and a challenging course for golfers at any level to master their golfing skills. Because of it’s location in the countryside it offers the environment that most committed golfers love to be involved in.

Developments in West Valley

Cottonwood Grove
Orchard Point
Englewood West
Valley Estates
Valley Brook
Sierra Estates
Chestnut Hollow
Washington Heights

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